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I love women.
I love those emerald pools masquerading as eyes.
Lips. I love smiles. And yawns. The eating.
With skin so soft, women are head to toe cashmere.
A woman's skin inspires a man's fingers to have Magellan's love of exploration.
It's women's bellies that drive me wild.
It's more than just the fact that it's the only part of a woman's body you can easily see naked.
The belly hints at the pleasures beyond.
You're so near and yet so far.
Everything about a woman draws you to her sexuality.
The small triangle between her legs is like the head of an arrow which points – go here! Go here!
Or if you follow the graceful lines of the pectoralis major, it inevitably draws your eyes to the golden orbs. Climaxed by
the nipple.
God is in the details. And the nipple is His greatest detail - quote from the movie 100 girls.
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